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This is an image from an estate sale. Sofa, love seat, and chair in a living room. Rug and coffee table

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find the answers to a variety of questions ranging from typical estate sales to online live sales.

If you have a question that isn't answered on this page, please reach out to me and not only will I answer you personally but I'll add your question to this page for anyone else who might be looking for a similar answer.

Estate Sale Questions
What time do estate sales typically start?

A normal estate sale begins at 7am unless otherwise noted.

Should I arrive early?

Absolutely! Lines normally begin forming VERY early for these sales.

Is there a way I can preview the sale before I come?

Yes! I post photos and videos of my sales on Facebook the week leading up to the sale.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash and credit/debit card payments.

Facebook Live Sale Questions
How do I watch the sale?

The sale will be available on our Facebook page  at the scheduled time.

How do I participate in the sale?

All you need to do is comment during the livestream with the item number and SOLD and your email address. 

How do I pay for my item?

An invoice will be emailed to you shortly after the event. You must pay before you pick up the item.

When do I pick up my item?

Pick up hours and location are specified in your invoice. If you do not pick up your item, it will be added to the next sale, regardless of whether you've paid for the item or not.

I paid for my item but did not pick it up. Is my item still available?

Unfortunately, the item has probably be resold. As stated in the Online Sales Rule page, pick up hours and location are specified in your invoice and if the item is not picked up within the stated time period, it is placed in the next sale. To discuss this further, please Contact Us.

Do you accept cash?

Unfortunately, no. All online sales must be paid digitally through the invoice that is emailed to you.

I don't have Facebook. Can I still participate?

Of course! But you'll need access to someone who does have Facebook. The account holder can claim an item during the sale with your name and email address in the comment.

How do I claim my item?

Arrive at the designated time and location specified in the invoice with a form of photo ID and any tools, transportation, and physical helpers you need to take it away. For example: If you buy a dresser, you'll need to make sure to bring a vehicle that can transport it, as well as someone to help you load it. Very limited tools will be on hand.

What if I live out of town?

You are more than welcome to participate! Just make sure you have someone who can claim your item for you before the deadline specified in the invoice expires. If you do have someone other than yourself who will be picking up the item, you must communicate that with me.

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