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We're excited to offer several services to fit your household liquidation needs. Thanks to over 29 years of household liquidation experience, we're able to offer several services that range from consultation to full service liquidations.

On this page you will find a list of those services. If you have any questions, would like more information, or to request an estimate, please Contact Us today and we'll reply to you soon.

Rates and fees are available upon request

Our Services

I will meet with you at your property, evaluate your needs based on your circumstances. I can then recommend how you should proceed as well as provide explanation of options available. Referrals will be made when possible. I can also refer to dependable services including real estate agents, yard work services, plumbing & HVAC services etc.
Professional Household Liquidation
This full service is provided by Ebenezer Estate Sales, starting at 40% commission of total sales. Please contact me for more information.
Price Coaching
If you choose to hold the sale yourself, I can help you with pricing guidelines so you can feel confident you're pricing your items fairly. 
Full Sale Coaching
If you want to hold the sale yourself but would like help with aspects of the sale beyond pricing, for a one time fee I can help with the following:
- Initial consultation & evaluation
- Sale prep guidance
- Price coaching
- Advertising advice
- Written ad for newspaper and social media
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